FAQ's - Frequently Asked Questions

We are often asked the following questions. Hopefully this will help you. If you don't find an answer here please e-mail us by Contacting us here and We'll get you an answer as quickly as we can.

Are your Oils able to be Ingested?

Will you make me a blend for "This or That"?

How quickly will I get my order once I send it to you? 

Can I Add to My Order?

What do I do?  My Order hasn't arrived yet?

Why don't you offer more Shipping options?

I need my order shipped as quickly as possible, Do you ship overnight?

I'd like to send a gift,  Will you send my order to another address?

I would like to cancel my order, how do I do that?

My order came damaged, what do you want me to do?

Can I Return my order for a Refund?

Why don't you ship to other countries?

Do you sell "Wholesale"?  Or have Wholesale Pricing?

Are your Oils able to be Ingested?

This question is asked several times a week. Most of the time the inquirer asks this because they have been told by another Essential Oil seller that only "Pure Essential oils" can be ingested and that only 'they' have pure enough oils.

Anyway, they are wondering if our oils are "Pure" enough to ingest.

Simply - Our oils are PURE enough BUT we cannot tell you to ingest them. They are tested by more than 6 tests to determine purity etc. Please see our Quality Page Click Here for more details about quality.

We do know many folks that do ingest our oils. But we did not tell them to do this.

BY LAW no one can tell you to ingest undiluted essential oils that are sold for Aromatherapy or Cosmetic Reasons.

Why? Well there are many rules that must be followed and for an essential oil to be able to be ingested it has to be diluted according to the USDA laws for food flavoring OR it may be considered a drug by the FDA, in which case they require it to be prescribed by a medical doctor.

So Yes our Oils are Pure enough, but we just cannot tell you to ingest them. What you decide to do in your home is your business. In the meantime we follow the Labeling guidelines and rules set forth by the FDA and USDA for use of essential oils in Aromatherapy and Cosmetic industry which states we must label them "For External Use Only".

We always advocate the safe use of essential oils and ingesting of them undiluted (without being prescribed by a medical doctor) is not considered a safe practice.

Remember it is "AROMA" Therapy - Essential oils really do - do their best work when inhaled!


Will you make me a blend for "This or That"?

We no longer do personal blending.   We do however sell small quantities of oils so you can experiment on your own. This is one area of Aromatherapy that can be so fun and rewarding. 
We will make suggestions of blends and recipes you can make on your own for specific problems.  Because everyone's sense of smell differs, you may not like a blend we have made so to keep from wasting your precious oils in making blends you may not like, we let you blend your own!! 

If however you would like us to add the correct percentage of essential oils to a massage oil please contact us by E-mail for a quote. You will be required to purchase small amounts of essential oil bottles for us to use to mix your massage oil and pay us a mixing fee. (You will be sent the remainder of the content of the bottle of essential oil(s) for your future use.)

If you have a specific recipe we will follow that otherwise we will let you know what we used at your request. Just remember you have to purchases bottles of essential oils that we will use out of to mix your recipe, then send you the remainder.

There are no returns or refunds for anything we have mixed specifically for you.

Other wise we suggest you have fun and EXPERIMENT!! We sell Blending kits to make this an easier and fun time.


Can I Add to my Order?

Recent changes in our Credit Card Merchant account won't allow us to add items to an order you have recently placed.

If you have forgotten an item or two, you will need to place another order.

Please contact us ASAP to let us know that you have placed a second order. We will try to save you some money if we can, but if we are not aware you have two orders we will end up shipping them separately.

We will try to ship both orders together and discount the shipping cost on the additional order if possible.

We do have a minimum processing fee even if orders are shipped together.


How quickly will I get my order once I send it to you? 

It depends on a few things 
If you send a Money Order - we ship those out in 2-3 days from us getting it in the mail. It may take up to 2 weeks before your order arrives at your door. 
  If you order over the "Internet" using your Visa or Master Card, Discover/Novus or American Express.  We ship those orders out 1-3 days from the day you placed your order. Your order should arrive at your door within about 1 week (sometimes less).  (Actually, many customers report their order has arrived within 3 days from the time they placed it over the internet.)


What do I do?  My Order hasn't arrived yet? 

It is very rare there is a problem, most orders arrive within the 3 days after we have notified you. 

The United State Post Office 'Priority Mail' has been most reliable and speedy.  They have delivered several thousand packages for us. 

UPS has been able to have packages to you with in 3-7 days depending where you live from Minnesota.

 If there is a problem it is possible that: 

1) Your order was over $100.00 -  it may have required a signature before it can be delivered. 

2)Or if being shipped by UPS may still be in transit.

In either case You can check the status of your order as Delivery Confirmation Numbers (USPS) and Tracking numbers (UPS) are sent to you (provided you provided us with a correct e-mail address).

It is extremely rare for your order to be truly lost. 
If you can't locate the package from your end - please Click Here to go to a page that will give you some helpful information to locate your package.


Why don't you offer more Shipping options?

We have found, for us as a Small business, we can save the customer a lot on shipping/handling and insurance costs by shipping out by the United States Postal Services Priority Mail (your regular mail man will deliver your package). 
Priority mail gets your package to you in 3 business days once we get it to them, which is usually 48 business hours after you have placed your order. 

UPS - United Parcel Service (the Brown trucks) can take 5-7 or more days to arrive if shipped   by UPS Ground. This would be the least expensive way for heavy packages, especially over 4 lbs.
It is more expensive by UPS (than the Postal service) for light packages under 2 lbs.  


I need my order shipped as quickly as possible, Do you ship overnight?

We can but only by UPS Next Day Air. You need to call us or email us for this option.

Please know the charges are very high and not very practical when ordering a low cost item.   We ship Priority Mail and by UPS and you should receive your package about 3-5 days after being notified by e-mail it was shipped. 

  Remember,  please allow plenty of time if you need your order as a special occasion gift.  We do out best to ship orders ASAP (within 48-72 business hours of being placed.)  You need to be realistic and know that an order placed on a Monday will not be delivered by Wednesday of that same week but should be delivered by the following Wednesday (about 10 days later).  See the note above about delivery times. 


I'd like to send a gift,  Will you send my order to another address?

Just ask. We may be able to send it to another address, but we ask that you   contact us first.  If you are sending it as a gift and would like it wrapped and a small card with a special message inside just ask. We will gladly wrap it and attach a card at no addtitional fee. 


I would like to cancel my order, how do I do that?

If you need to cancel an order PLEASE do so immediately.  Orders can be canceled as long as you contact us "before" the order is shipped.  If you do not want the order you should call us at 1-218-384-9294 or send an e-mail us at bhhcontact@birchhillhappenings.com 


My order came damaged, what do you want me to do?

Damage to our packages are rare but in the event that your package has sustained damage - please contact us immediately either by calling 1-218-384-9294 or by e-mail at bhhcontact@birchhillhappenings.com  . 
Save all packaging materials. We will advise you what to do. If you have a digital camera we will most likely have you take photos to send to us (for insurance reasons).
Please you MUST report this to us within 7 days of receiving order. 


Can I Return my order for a Refund?

Please see Return and Refund information on the Terms & Conditions page.


Do you sell "Wholesale"? 

No, we are retailers. 

We have very competitive prices for retailers and often times we are lower in price than true wholesale distributors. 

Many times are prices are already lower than 'so called' wholesale companies.

We have eliminated many of the 'middle men' and deal directly with manufacturers so we can keep our prices low, very low. Since we are retailers we don't offer wholesale pricing.

Instead of having a "Brick & Mortar Store" you would walk into. With us, you order over the internet or you call or mail us your selections. 

Sometimes we can sell in larger quantities but if you are looking for wholesale or manufacturers prices we can't help you.  We only sell retail. 


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