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Please know that we are more than Happy to Answer any of your Questions via E-mail or Phone but if you want the answers FAST you should read all the information that follows as your First step.
Al and Penny

You can contact Al and Penny by E-Mail at:
(This is the BEST WAY to contact us.)

If by chance the Contact Link is not working you can e-mail us by editing the following.
send email to: bhh contact "at" (use the "at sign" not the word at)
leave no spaces .
Again Sorry for any inconvenience.

If you would like to PLACE an ORDER by PHONE -

We are more than happy to take your order over the Phone.

We understand that you may be uncomfortable placing an order over the internet.

Although our website ordering process is very secure we know many of you still prefer to place an order by phone.

If you can, please write down your list of items to Order ahead of time.

Be prepared to Leave a Detailed message and include your Name, Phone number and address.
As often times you may call when we are busy processing other orders or are on the phone to another customer.

This way when we call you back we can give you a good idea of the total of your order. You can of course add to your order when we do talk. We will get your payment (Credit Card) information from you when we speak.

Click Here for Phone Orders. Or Scroll Down.


You may not need to contact us by e-mail or phone as many of your Questions can easily be answered by using our "Search Box".

Simply use our "Search Box" below and type in a few 'keywords' and click on Search.

This "Search Box" is especially handy if you can't seem to locate a specific product we carry. It will only search our Website for Answers. And Currently we have OVER 400 pages, many will have your answers!

WHOLESALE INQUIRIES - Before you call to ask us for Wholesale prices - We are NOT a Wholesale Store - we are a Retail store. We do not have a wholesale price list.

We have really good prices as we have eliminated a lot of the 'middle' people, so we can keep our prices low. Plus it's just Al and Penny that work here so we have very low overhead costs.

As for inquiries for our Products - Every thing we Currently offer is listed on our Website through our Online Catalog . Again, simply use the "Search Box" and type in what you are looking for - if we have it - it will be listed on one of the Search results pages.

If you don't see an Item but would like to know if we can get something for you just Send us an E-mail and we'll let you know if we can get the item and will send you a Quote.

Calling for a quote on items we do not carry may actually delay information (unless you leave a detailed message). If we don't have the item listed in our Online Catalog we have to contact several suppliers first before we can give you any information.

You can contact Al and Penny By Telephone:

Please read this important information before calling us.

Most often you can get answers to your questions throughout our website but you may not know where to locate them. For the quickest Answers to your questions, Please enter a few key words in the Search box and you should get several pages within our website that will answer most all of your questions. If not, and if possible you should send them to us by e-mail.

Of course, you can give us a call and we will Gladly get a answer for you ASAP.

WHEN YOU CALL You will MOST LIKELY get our VOICE MAIL Please be prepared to leave a message.

Leave a message with your Name and Number including the time zone or state you are calling from.

We are happy to take your order over the phone or answer your questions.
(We understand that you may not feel comfortable ordering over the internet yet. )

We are sorry for the inconvenience BUT as soon as one of us is available - We do Call you Back!!

PLEASE NOTE: In the Mornings you MUST leave a message as we are Processing orders! (until about 1:00) WHY? Please Click here (or See below) for an explanation of Why you will need to leave a message.

Calls are returned during our Business Office Hours. See below.



By Fax:


If you have problems getting the fax to work, it is possible we may be on the phone line.
Simply try to send your fax again in a few minutes.
Sorry for any inconvenience this may cause.

You can contact Al and Penny by Mail at:

Birch Hill Happenings Aromatherapy, LLC
2898 County Road 103
Barnum, MN 55707-8808

Why might I have to leave a message?

In the Mornings we are Processing Orders (until about 1:00) so we can get them Shipped out to our Customers!

Since it's just the two of US (remember it's just Penny & Al) that are processing and packaging we do not answer the phone during this time.

BUT as soon as one of us is finished - We do Call you Back!!

So Please it is most important for you to Leave a message!

Calls are returned during our Business Office Hours. See below.

If you get our Voice mail during our business hours it is because we are:

Processing orders OR On another call - taking orders, answering questions OR on a consultation.

It's possible we are Out of the Office
We may be shipping packages or it's after our "in the office" business hours!

We Promise - Penny or Al will return your call ASAP during our Business hours.

Busniness hours aka "In the Office hours"

Monday through Thursday 9:00 - 5:00. (Central Time zone)

We are not in the office Friday, Saturday or Sundays.

Penny & Al


Aromatherapy, Essential Oils and Supplies

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