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Helpful Hints about Blending


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Essential oils and Synergy Blends are sold in Sample, 2 ml, 4 ml, 10 ml, 30 ml and 50 ml sizes. (Larger sizes are available - pricing on request.)
Our competitors don't want to be bothered selling the small quantities but we are more than happy to provide the smaller sizes. 
Why buy a "gallon" when you need just a few drops?"

Don't forget to order extra Pipettes and bottles for mixing and blending!
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Blending & Recipes

Helpful Hints for Blending

When blending your essential oils remember to measure carefully. 

Most recipes are given by numbers of drops that are added. Many recipes are proportional - meaning that if a recipe calls for 5 drops of this oil, 3 drops of that oil, you can always mix 5 ml of this oil and 3 ml of that oil. 

If you are trying to mix your essential oils with a water based product or in water. You may need to first mix it with an Emulsifier or with alcohol. Either one of these will help the essential oils to blend with your water based products. 

  Store your custom blends in amber bottles and then use a drop or two without having to mix each time you want to enjoy your favorite blend.

When mixing massage or bath blends we suggest you mix the essential oils together first before you add the carrier oil. Then let the mixture "age" for several days before using. 

Remember also that pure essential oils will disintegrate rubber and certain types of plastic materials. Never leave your bottles stopped with the rubber bulbed caps. In just a few days the rubber will be a terrible blob of black goo! 

If you need small quantities (1ml and 2 ml) of oils let us know and we will give you a quote on purchasing small quantities for you blending needs. 


From time to time we will share special recipes sent to us from our visitors and customers.

If you have a recipe you would like to share just e-mail us with "Share this recipe with others"  in the subject line and we'll add it to this page. 

From the

Aromatherapy Recipe Files (Click here )

We have several recipes on those pages. 

Do you have a recipes  you want share?
Please e-mail it to us. Contact Al by E-mail CLICK Here for Contact information



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